I'm a twenty-something girl with a love for old things and a constant itch to be making something useful or pretty. I'm married to a handsome grad student that loves good indie music and always pulls over to let me shop at flea markets. He's given me a magical son that just is just shy of four, and more recently a pretty little girl we call Ruby. We live amongst thrifted, hand-picked treasures in the great Midwest. I spend my days sewing, stitching, painting and dreaming up new product for my best friend's store, Red Velvet Art, teaching online art journal and craft classes, and can often be found on the floor of my son's room playing trains.

I love being a part of Red Velvet Art, an art collective of four girls that share a similar fascination with making pretty things and will forever appreciate their roles in my creative explorations. I love to share those things as well as life's beautiful moments here with you.

Rachel Denbow
Born in the summer of '81.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments: racheldenbow (@) gmail.com

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